My Low-Fi Life

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My Nikon D4 with a good lens on it weighs roughly 500 pounds. I’m amazed by how many years I managed to lug it around everywhere, back when I cared more about an impressive depth of field than having two free hands.

The commitment to getting a high quality shot on the fly requires an amount of ambition I no longer have. I still have a strong urge to capture a striking sunset (I apologize for the quantity of those, I can’t help it) or a charismatic dog, but now, a simple cell phone shot will do. It’s a camera my back has better tolerance for, and it’s the one I’ve always got.

To drive my images into even further decline, my iphone doesn’t even have a good camera in it. The majority of them are grainy, blurry, underexposed chunks of data eating up my storage. But I save every single one of them, quality be damned, and sometimes, I love them.

Here are some of my favorite low-fi snapshots from my low-fi archives.


  1. I totally agree with you!! SO many lo fi images on my phone too, haha. Love the one with the bear, by the way.

  2. I like the “from the hip” feeling of camera phone pix. They look like half-memories of an event you were there for and quickly recorded. Sometimes HD photos present themselves as too precious and feel over produced; they kind of take you out of the moment and make you more aware of the technique than the feeling. Good stuff Rachel!

  3. Oh, I feel this so much. The moment, and my neck and shoulders, matters so much more to me lately than the details I used to endlessly fret. And there are so many sunsets on my phone.

  4. My favourite (small) camera is unhappy at the moment and is in the repair shop. I’ve had to take my D800 out with 35mm lens out in its place. OMG how did I carry this everywhere I do not know. And yes I know what you mean about iphone photos; I love that they’re so accessible to review too.

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