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The last time I saw my Toronto family in person was February 2020. Coping with lockdown this past year+ was a breeze, and even enjoyable, compared to the longing to be with some of the people I love most in the world. So six weeks ago when my sister (in Toronto) and I (in San Francisco) caught wind that I *might* be able to get across the border, we started jumping through hoops to make it happen. And finally, after a day of exhausting travel with a packed flight, huge airport line-ups, and a file folder full of the paperwork needed to cross the border, my daughter and I fell into the arms of my family.

Even though I intended to, I barely took any photos. We basically just hung out and soaked up all the love we’d been missing. But every day I walked around the pond with my sister, near her home, and captured the sky (and a little bit of landscape). And when I reviewed my meager photos when I returned, it was those photos of the pond and the sky, and our journey to and from Toronto, that felt like they told the story of our journey.

5:30am in San Francisco.
After a year and a half, we are airborne once again.
Walking the pond with my sister, part 1.
Walking the pond with my sister, part 2.
Lake Ontario sunset.
Back at the airport… til next time, Toronto.
Flying over our smoky, wildfire inundated, California.

We are happy to be back home now – our second home – with my hubby (who couldn’t come with us) and the dog. And while I’m hoping it won’t be another year and a half until the next time I hug my much-loved people (of whom I did actually get a few photos!), I love this little photo essay that documents my sky travels from here to there and back.



  1. Oh, Kim. I’m so happy you got to visit your family…finally. I actually got a little teary reading this.
    Thank you for sharing these photos and story with us.

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