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For I can see, that in the midst of death life persists,
in the midst of untruth truth persists,
in the midst of darkness light persists.
Mahatma Gandhi

As spring came to a close and summer began, there was a sense of reawakening and joy as it looked like we might be able to resume a life that looked something like normal — at least here in parts of the United States and in other areas of the world where vaccines were starting to show success. Mask mandates were dropped for the vaccinated, and we were able to see family, travel, and gather together with friends. We felt like that light at the end of the tunnel was not just our imagination, but might be real and bright.

Now, in August, we’ve needed to step back into the tunnel as scientists learn more about the COVID variants, and how we need to remain vigilant against them. But, even though we’re back in the dark tunnel, that little glow of light remains to remind us that it is still there, and there is still hope; it just takes time to conquer the dark completely.

The ViewFinders are looking for light in the darkness in this community post. Have you captured light in the darkness in your photographs lately? Share links to them in the comments.

I took this photo nearly 10 years ago — a string of twinkly lights at the edge of a backyard wedding celebration. Their cheerful light seemed to protect the viewer (or wanderer) from the dark, dense woods behind. They still feel both magical and comforting. —lucy

Teetering on the edge…once again. —susan

Darkness was something I denied for a very long time. I was perfectly willing to accept that it existed—just not for me. Growing up in a troubled family, emotional responses were unpredictable and often volatile. I worked very hard to keep my feelings in check and to always stay in the light. It was easy and safe to smile, to lend a helping hand, to agree, to make peace. But the cost was so very high. Denying the darkness only served to make me feel more broken. I still don’t love the darkness, but I now understand that our humanity requires both light and shadow to make us whole.

I love this photo of the nightscape in my hometown. The crescent moon, the summer evening sky, the light in the window of the house. —donna

This chair, in a corner of the family room, is a favorite spot in our house.  There’s always a sweet patch of early morning light that falls on this chair; I watch for it.  It’s a gentle reminder of how light returns and how, even though light (life) shifts and changes and some days seems weak and almost absent, it absolutely sticks around, a steady anchor.  Our pup is no fool, climbing into this chair each morning, claiming her spot in the light.  No fool indeed. —michelle

This diptych frames my last winter. The left image is the last of the light one autumn evening as we headed into the darkness of the night and those wintry months where we were locked down for what felt like forever. The image on the right is of our daughter, enjoying the first warm rays of Spring sun as we ventured into the garden out of our long lockdown and into the light and promise of new. —kirstin

Despite celebrations being put off and altered and all sorts of accommodations made, it’s been a spot of light to see people (with lots of precautions and care taken) able to celebrate the life that is still going on in the most beautiful, joy-filled ways. —alison

I wandered around the house, looking for images. The light fell in many places, and I saw it. Then I looked in the mirror, looked into my own eyes, and I saw the light there too. So I focused as well as I could and pressed the button. —Chinwe

I have always embraced dark and light in my life – from an early age I knew my nature gently moved from one to another. So even though we may be entering – or are already immersed in – another dark tunnel, I know deep within me that it is nonpermanent. I always refer to my own personal dark and light transitions as hills and valleys – I always am able to look ahead to the curve upward. I have taken a photo from this viewpoint many times and the light and divided river felt fitting for this transition we’re in. This too shall pass. –kim

As photographers, I feel as though we naturally search for light, especially in the shadows. As my heart and soul continue to search for light, hope, and joy, may I not forget to search the shadows. -Staci Lee

Even if I only find one thing to be grateful for, I’ve found my light in the darkness. –Angie

I have hardly any words these days. Only I know there is light if I only remember to look for it. –Jenny

Always searching for light while holding onto hope. ~ Laura

There is light in the shadow and shadow in the light,
and black in the blue of the sky.

Lucy Larcom