West Coast Street Photography

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This summer our family spent time exploring the coast of California. It’s been twenty years since my husband and I first drove the coast from LA to San Francisco. We always dreamed of going back with our kids and this summer we were able to do so. This time we began our adventure in San Francisco and made our way south to San Diego. I packed my favorite Pentax k1000 camera and a huge bag of film. As we made our way through the cities, I captured those scenes that made my heart beat.

San Francisco was magic! We wandered everywhere and back again.

After leaving San Francisco, we drove down the coast stopping along the way to explore Big Sur and Yosemite. Eventually we landed in Los Angeles. We loved wandering the city during the early afternoon and then driving out to Santa Monica to be near the beach.

We stopped in Venice Beach to people watch before finally making our way to San Diego. The boardwalk was just beginning to come to life late in the morning.

We arrived in beautiful San Diego and could not have loved it more!

I’m so grateful we were able to have this adventure with our kids! And I’m so happy that I took my favorite film camera and rolls of film. It’s always a little extra work to carry the heavier camera, film, film bag, etc, but I’ve never once regretted it. I think shooting with the Pentax makes me feel more intentional about looking/seeing. I slow down. I really try to take in the city with my heart and mind. When I look back at the images, a rush of feelings and sensations come to me. I remember exactly the moment the shutter clicked. Priceless.

~ Laura


  1. These are all gorgeous, Laura! They capture California SO well!!

    • Oh thank you my friend!! I’m so sorry we weren’t able to connect. I will be back and we will wander!

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