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It all started when I was pregnant with our son. Now, is pregnancy all miraculous and crazy and such a glowing and magical time? For some, absolutely. For others, not so much. Without going into too many details, I was in the second camp. Pair that with my ISTJ Myers-Briggs profile (super strong on the thinking and the judging…) and my pregnancy became a really big and really real science experiment. Documenting it, week by week, became not only something I wanted to do for memory-keeping purposes, but also a way of tracking the progress and of dealing with the day to day parts of it all.

mn-family-photographer | Alison Bents

We made it through the nine months and thankfully and wonderfully came out on the other side with this little guy who turned our world completely upside down. From the very beginning I was going to cap this little project off with the kiddo who arrived and that little piece of fanfare. But then he was a month old, and that seemed worthy of adding in, and if we were doing one month, we may as well do his whole first year. And, you know, once that first year was done, we were able to look back at where we had been, where we had come, and all of the potential of where we could go.

mn-family-photographer | Alison Bents mn-family-photographer | Alison Bents mn-family-photographer | Alison Bents

So we decided that we’re keeping on with this project. It’s already moved to a new house, and it may move to many more before we hang up the tripod. We take a family photo in the same spot every month. That’s it. Nothing too fancy, just hitting the self timer and running (or when I can find my remote, I absolutely use that). Looking back at more than two years of doing this makes it so so worth it. Right now, there’s no end in sight, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is there a long-term, slow-developing project that you are doing or have wanted to start?

All the best,

mn-family-photographer | Alison Bents mn-family-photographer | Alison Bents


  1. I loved watching your progression through your pregnancy this way – and LOVE that you have continued the project even after your sweet babe arrived. And I love even more that your dog is sometimes in the frame, sometimes not, and sometimes way off in the background. 🙂

    • She pretty much does what she wants 🙂 At the new place now, though, she’s got to be on a leash where we do it, so that’ll be a little different. Maybe we’ll put up a fence. You know, for the photos – ha!

  2. alison…. i love this project so much!!! seeing your personalities shine through in each image is so fantastic!

  3. I love that you do this! It is so fun to watch him grow and see the love that shines through!

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