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The bride and groom went to college with my husband, are good friends with my brother, and are generally folks that I love to be around, whether working with them or just hanging out on a Saturday around the grill. It’s a college tradition of their group of friends that whenever Shout! comes on in the DJ’s playlist (and it must come on), that is their moment, their song, and they go for it. All out. It’s my favorite moment, it’s crazy and hilarious and makes everyone else on the dance floor back up and just let them have it. That said, it’s not really something that I’d typically show in a blog post – all the explanation of why the bride and groom are writhing on the floor, the kind of insanity of the moment, you know. But the sheer silliness and joy, my friends, I am sharing with you. So, crank up your volume, and immerse yourself in a quick few moments of Mary and Josh’s wedding reception. Let the laughter roll over you and just take a little break for ridiculousness on your Friday morning.

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  1. Oh my gosh, YES! My favorite part of the wedding dancing is always the choas that ensuses when this song comes on!

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