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Oh, August.  I love you so.

Many of you out there are spring and fall lovers, and a few of you have great kinship with winter.  But for me, my soul belongs to summer, August most of all.


The days are long and lazy.  Our farmer’s market is bursting with berries and lettuces, beans and stone fruit.

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Dinner is most often enjoyed outside, and barefoot.



August is like a Sunday.  A sacred sabbath of a month to be savored before the work week begins.



But there is a bittersweet quality to August.  Fall is coming.  You can feel it as the sunsets come earlier, the talk turns to school supplies and schedules.  This to me is what makes August different than other summer months.   I savor August while simultaneously mourning it.  


I love August because it breaks my heart just a little bit.



Do you have a favorite month, or season?  If so, do tell.







  1. October is my favorite but I do love a luscious summer day. Probably why I live in New England where we get all 4 seasons. Love that image of the beach ball! Dreamy.

    • It’s so funny how we all have our own deep connections and preferences to seasons, and of course they are based on where we live in the world. I don’t think I would enjoy August half as much if I lived in Arizona or somewhere very humid, but in Seattle it is near perfect. xoxo

  2. May-June and September-October are my favorite months. Where I live, near the coast of Maine, the weather then is close to perfect, and most of the summer visitors either haven’t arrived yet or have already left. But August has a special place in my heart and I completely relate to your feelings about it, both the savoring and the mourning. You expressed it so beautifully, both in words and photos.

    • I love that we tune into connections to seasons and our responses can be very regional. What prompted my post was a conversation I had with my son. He was telling me that he loves spring best (for a host of reasons) and it got me thinking about my favorite season and month too. One of his favorite parts of spring is that tourists haven’t yet descended on Seattle —- it made me laugh to see that you feel the same way about coastal Maine. xoxo

  3. i love the words about simultaneously mourning and savoring… it’s exactly how i feel at this moment. i would feel this way about august IF we had air conditioning and we started school at the end of august. but, i start work tomorrow and the kids return on tuesday of next week. my favorites are september and october… and my challenge with august is to remain in the moment despite the crazy…! xo

  4. it’s funny, but i thought of you as i was writing this. i don’t think i would have nearly the same fondness for august if i lived with your humidity OR if it meant returning to work/school. those two forces would definitely impact my feelings!

    i wish i loved fall more. fall feels like grieving or loss to me. i don’t celebrate the changing leaves, they actually make me feel sad every year. i wish i could summon more love for it. BUT i will say that the older i get i see the richness and importance of things dying off, going dormant, providing contrast before the renewal of spring —- so maybe there is hope for me yet! xoxoxo

  5. sigh. soooo good. I always forget how much I love August until I’m there in the middle of the month never wanting it to end…

  6. oh Deb, you captured it all so very, very well.

    the warmth of the month and the changing of the light. it’s coming…

  7. I am a summer-loving girl…and because of that, August does have a certain sadness about it. I feel it signals the beginning of the end. Fall here is lovely but always tinged with nostalgia, too.

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