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I don’t know about other folks, but I absolutely love to see what other photographers carry with them, particularly their daily walkabout gear. I know on assignment, a lot more gear may be required, like a second body just in case the working horse camera goes kaput, extra lenses, a tether cable, a laptop, and so on.


I’ve pared down to one or two cameras when I head out for personal shoots or vacations. Actually, I still find it quite difficult to not take 3 or more cameras with me, but since we’ve decided to travel light with just carry-ons, I’ve learned to only take 2 cameras, maximum.


In the photo below are the cameras and essentials from our last weekend trip. I’m carrying two cameras, not super heavy ones, but my poor shoulder and back still take a beating at the end of a long day.  I’m trying to learn to go light.


My goal is to only carry one camera for our next weekend getaway.

cindy loughridge - viewfinders

cindy loughridge - viewfinders



  1. I’ve been limiting the number of cameras as well. It has been helping me focus more on what I see instead of what to capture it with.

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