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Just a quick post on shooting consumer film, aka cheap film (although it’s no longer that cheap). I know everyone loves Kodak Portra or Fuji Pro 400H, who wouldn’t?  I use both of those beautiful films for clients and for personal use. But, I have an affinity for the “cheap film” and I urge everyone to not disregard its wonderfulness.  If you’re just getting into shooting film, try the different film brands and speeds from slow (ASA/ISO 25) to fast (ASA/ISO 3200) to better understand how each works in various lighting conditions, and at various times of day. Experiment, it’s quite fun.

Here are some of the films I like to shoot with and/or hoard.

Agfa Vista 200/400

Fuji Superia 200/400/800/1600: the 1600 is harder to find but if you do get a roll, it’s great overexposed by 1 stop (meaning set your camera to 800 ASA/ISO and shoot it), with high grain and slightly saturated colors, great in bright light.

Kodak Colorplus 200: this one in particular looks closest to Kodak Portra 400, imo.

Kodak Gold 200/400

Fuji Natura 1600: high grain, slightly desaturated in colors, does better in bright light.  

Fujicolor C200 (one of my faves)

Fujicolor C200

Kodak Gold 200

Agfa Vista 200

cindy loughridge- viewfinders

Fuji Superia 1600

cindy loughridge- viewfinders

Natura 1600

cindy loughridge- viewfinders

Fuji Superia 800

cindy loughridge- viewfinders

Agfa Vista 400

cindy loughridge- viewfinders

Kodak Colorplus 200

cindy loughridge- viewfinders

Kodak Gold 200

cindy loughridge- viewfinders


  1. Thanks for the advice. I am headed in the direction of more film photos and it seems wise to begin with the film. It makes me so happy to see images like these – ones I could imagine myself making- in my own little corner of the world.

  2. Well in this case, I only shoot cheap film and I’m certainly happy that I do!! I love the way my Supra 400 comes out every time, and I’m flipping over these images they are gorgeous!!

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