Gratitude Week

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For the past few years, I’ve coordinated Gratitude Week. Run in early November, it’s a chance for people to join in community and consider the good in our lives. Of course every day is a good day for counting gratitudes, every week, every month. So it’s not as if Gratitude Week is the only time to do this. But sometimes it’s especially nice to think about – and practice – something collectively.

Hence, Gratitude Week.

For seven days, I email short inspirational notes to those interested (it’s free!). Simple reflections on gratitude, plus prompts to springboard reflection and possibly creative expression. Participants are free to play along on Instagram with the hashtag #GratitudeWeek_2016; they can write blog posts and share links to those posts on my Gratitude Week blog post; they can share links to Flickr photos; they can play along quietly at home. (Did I mention that it’s free?!)

However participants choose to enjoy Gratitude Week, I believe working in community is so important. That collective energy – that collective intent – is powerful. I believe in the ripples that spread from such a practice.  I believe great things manifest.  In fact, this belief in the importance of community is one of our Manifestos here at ViewFinders.

So I write this post today because I’d like to let you know about Gratitude Week. I’d like to invite you to join me and us in naming gratitudes. We’ll be joining together Monday, October 31 – Sunday, November 6. You can read full details about the week and sign up for my Gratitude Notes by clicking here.

I’d love to have you join in.
I really, really would.