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Think about the photographers you most admire. Can you tell at first glance that an image is unmistakably their work? Ansel Adams, Sally Mann, Robert Frank, Dorothea Lange, Robert Mapplethorpe, Edward Weston, Diane Arbus — they each have a distinctive style that took many years of photographic practice to achieve.

As Holly talked about in her March 22nd post on pattern recognition, she developed a certain style and composition preference over time, which is now is recognizable as uniquely hers. All of the members of ViewFinders bring a different vision of the world to this blog in their posts, and I am always interested to see if I can guess whose post it is without looking at the byline.

We invite you to play along with us as the ViewFinders post images that capture each of our distinctive styles. We won’t tell you who the photographer is … until the very end of the post. But no peeking! See how many you can guess.

Photo 1 — The photographs I most love making have an element of timelessness or history, and an element of whimsy or surprise. This old outbuilding in western Massachusetts, on the grounds of Edith Wharton’s home The Mount, looked neglected and decaying on a gray fall day, but sported a surprising pop of blue curtain at the window, making me think it was cozy and inviting inside.

Photo 2 — I love observing the way light touches people. I love using deep shadows to reveal the touch of light on skin. I love the play between the shapes of humans and the natural or urban environments they exist in.

Photo 3 — I can still remember the joy when I learnt to play with depth of field effects. It’s something I keep coming back to, and always will.

Photo 4 — This, this is the light that makes my heart sing. I photograph it to try and capture some of the magic.

Photo 5 — For me, it’s something about saving those moments that would likely disappear so quickly into memory. Sure, it’s about freezing time, but it’s also so much about trying my very best to remember that it’s the little things that make up our lives. Certainly there are highlights, but these tiny little moments matter too.

Photo 6 — I love to wander and witness. I love capturing stories of humanity as it unfolds in the city around me.

Photo 7 — Just show me the shifting light and I’ll be satisfied.

Photo 8 — Show me a scene that should be a painting, and I’ll photograph it.

Photo 9 — I love to find the details in things, especially in things that bring me hope.

Photo 10 — I often find myself shooting from a low vantage point at a wide aperture. If there’s a reflection available, I love to be able to capture it.

Did you guess who posted which photos? Here are the answers:
Photo 1 — Lucy
Photo 2 — Julia
Photo 3 — Jenny G.
Photo 4 — Kirstin
Photo 5 — Alison
Photo 6 — Laura
Photo 7 — Chinwe
Photo 8 — Helen
Photo 9 — Staci
Photo 10 — Angie

Until next time!

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