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Manifesto #5:
We believe that photography is a solo pursuit
made much more enjoyable when practiced
with the support of a community.


On a recent foggy day in San Francisco, a few of us got together for a photo walk (Maite, Kirstin and her family visiting from London, and lucky me). We met at the Warming Hut and strolled over to Fort Point, a favourite destination of mine.  Cameras were strung around necks and even raised now and then – but who are we kidding – we spent most of our time gabbing and drinking coffee.  And although we did talk about photography, the topics also ranged from our families to our jobs to our travels.


Conversation aside, what I love about gathering with others who share my passions – even though both Maite and Kirstin shoot film and I don’t – is the understanding that mid-sentence a photo might need to be made.

A Hitchcock-style hallway grabs my attention …..


….. and light, it’s always the light that makes me stop …..


(Because our 6th Manifesto is one I live by: “We believe in the transcendent power of really good light.”)


….. or you notice Kirstin’s husband and son pointing their phones in opposite directions and as she runs over to capture the moment, you capture all three of them.


I am grateful beyond belief for friends who love their cameras and are willing to set out on an adventure, even if it’s brief. I find that day-to-day life sometimes saps me of the energy to shoulder my camera and head out the door – the photos I manage to take are for clients or are quick snaps with my phone to capture my family or a walk with the dog. Which are all meaningful, but sometimes I need the reminder that photography started out as a hobby and was something I loved to do, as opposed to a task to be accomplished.

What gets you out the door, camera in hand?



  1. I want to walk with you, and our photog friends. This is lovely. xo

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