beauty in simplicity

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Life can be overwhelming. And I don’t mean just the day-to-day busy-ness of work; walk the dog; get groceries; school pick up; maybe throw a load of laundry in kind of day. I mean the world is going crazy kind of overwhelming. Where social media is telling us how we should feel or behave or respond to world events or press conferences or political upheaval.

It occasionally makes me want to draw my head in like a turtle although that isn’t the answer either. So I find myself keeping things simple. Not overextending. Taking deep breaths, going for a walk, keeping my attention on the here and now.

And when I do remember to pick up my camera, I focus on the simple.

My house can be chaotic and if I’m honest, not very tidy. But I try to maintain areas of calm and they are what my eye is drawn to when things get a little crazy.

Have an apple.








  1. Right there with you friend. I’m either turtling or drowning. I see light in all your images, beautiful light.

  2. I feel less alone knowing someone else feels this way, too. And really, even in photographs, I am drawn to the simple, the good and the plain, and these images are often the most elegant. Your pictures are the perfect start to my day, the kind I will carry with me all day long to soothe and calm.

  3. Simple and uncluttered is good! I need to remember to turn my camera to the things inside my home that bring me joy and peace.

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