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Hello everyone! This is my first post for 2017 and I wanted to share some of my favorite photography books. Photography books can be so inspiring, especially when they are full of other photographers’ work. As social media is so prevalent these days, many photographers just post their pictures online. Whilst this is great, there are still a lot of people who prefer looking at a photography book. These books are great for displaying work, so maybe more photographers should consider getting one of these books made from a website like Printivity (https://www.printivity.com/products/perfect-bound-books). This should help more photographers to promote their work in a professional format. Many people, like myself, love looking at these books. These are the books I reach for most when in need of inspiration or rest from social media.


Uta Barth – The Long Now

This book is an overview of Uta Barth’s work, from her early prints to her current ones. She is a master of blur and light. For 10 years, she photographed/worked in her home, where light and indistinguishable moments were her subjects. She called it “looking”. Her series of diptychs and triptychs are exquisite, especially the 2011 series “…and to draw a bright white line with light”.


Saul Leiter

His keen eye and early use of color film is the ultimate inspiration. Saul didn’t get the attention he deserved until much later in life. I highly recommend his documentary, In No Great Hurry. He seemed like such a sweet soul without ego. He was also a prolific painter.


Richard Avedon

I’m sure almost everyone knows of Avedon’s work. His large format portraits taken against a white backdrop make it look simple, but he excelled at connecting with his subjects and it shows in his images. I remember attending his exhibit In The American West and having my mind blown and that’s when I knew I would forever love photography.


Veronique Vial

I discovered Veronique Vial when I happened upon her book, Women Before 10am. Prior to that book, she had published Men Before 10am. The concept for both books was to visit celebrities at their homes, as early as she was allowed, and capture them as they were just waking up. She depicts them in bed, awake, getting ready for the day, eating breakfast, showering, and always on B&W film. It’s very close and intimate. She is still working in photography and I highly recommend you look her up and view her portrait work.


Jacques Henri Lartigue

I only recently, a year or two ago, discovered the work of Lartigue. He is another photographer/painter and painting was his forte. He came from a well to do French family, and at 7 years old, he was already photographing family, friends and locals at leisure and play, often in idyllic, pastoral settings. Amazingly, his photography wasn’t discovered until he was in his 60’s. He was way ahead of time with his compositional style. His work still feels fresh & modern, and I can even imagine him posting delightedly to Instagram.



  1. I only knew Veronique Vial (and I think her first book was “women before 10 am” and after that she published “men before 10 am too!”) and, of course, Avedon. I’m definitely gonna check the others. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Cindy. I’m especially interested in the Women Before 10am and the compositional style of Lartigue.

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