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For many of my female photographer friends, the gateway to photography was a new and fancy camera to capture their new and fancy babies. My entry point was earlier than that in my timeline and a bit different. I started out thinking that maybe somehow I was going to become a great landscape and nature photographer. I had starry-eyed ambitions of shooting for Time, for Life and, of course, for National Geographic.

Also of course, that isn’t exactly what happened – is it ever? I started my photo business, began taking clients and the subjects of my photography have certainly migrated more toward people and away from where I started with nature and landscapes.

Every now and then, though, I get to sneak in a little bit of where I started from and it never fails to completely rejuvenate me. Is there something you don’t shoot as often as you’d like? Someplace you started and have from which you may have drifted? I’d love to encourage you to shoot something today that makes your heart absolutely sing!

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  1. it’s so interesting where these journeys of ours take us, isn’t it?

    for me, I’ve been curious about a macro lens, it’s been at the back of my mind. I didn’t begin with macro photography, but I used to paint and draw a lot of macro. I’ve been thinking it might be time to play with/return to that…

    these images are gorgeous, Alison. and, as you likely know, the eye you have for nature and landscape are, no doubt, shaping your work with people these days. your clients are lucky to have you, with your careful and expansive eye.

  2. What beautiful images! I just tried astrophotography on vacation for the very first time! I need to work a lot more on the technical side of things but it was sure fun to experiment.

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