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A photography group I recently got involved in, hosted by the very lovely Andrea Moffatt of Little Story Studio, occasionally has these little photography games that we get to play. My favorite one recently was a rainbow game. A red image got posted, and then the following commenter posted orange. Then the next person posted yellow, then green, blue, purple, pink and back on to red. It was so much fun.

Seriously – way more fun than I thought it might be. It resulted in this kind of frenzied searching through your archives, digging to find an image that was just right for that round of the rainbow. I’d find just the right green image and then sit and refresh the thread until green was up, waiting to post at just the right time. I also started to see my own trends as I was scrolling through all sorts of old images – places where I have holes (orange and yellow) and places that are pretty overstocked (hello, green!). A lovely game, but also an interesting way to take a new glance at my photos as a larger body.

This silly, little game that wasn’t even that big of a deal, was really just a blast. Anybody want to play? I’ll start with another red image here and do my darndest to keep up across the platforms! Feel free to jump in on facebook, instagram, twitter and in the comments section here!

Let’s play!

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