Falling in Love

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  1. Love how you love Meghan (as you know), and looove these shots. 🙂 Film has been whispering ‘come back, come back’ to me for several years now…but it’s ramping from a whisper to a scream lately. I shot with a canon a-1 for decades, but it’s been confirmed several times over that my old friend is beyond repair and so I’ve been looking to replace it. I’m wondering where you would suggest buying a used camera…through ebay or amazon or ??? I’d love to return to the a-1, but I’m also open to other recommendations. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    • Shannon!! I use a Canon AE-1 for my 35mm. I was gifted my first but it got gutted in a river accident. Got my second one on Craigslist. I would check there, eBay, or B&H Used Dept. Get back to film — you won’t regret it. <3

        • KEH is also a great source for used cameras, Shannon.

          • Thank you Debbie, much appreciated! I’ve not heard of KEH before, but after a quick glance I’m very glad to know of them now.

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