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When three of your favorite things lately come together in an image, you know you are in photography heaven. But, first, let me explain.

I am a teacher and one rainy Friday morning, a precious, young, lady cat walked into my classroom at 8am. Long story short: I adopted her. Because cats are one of my favorite things in the whole world. I didn’t have a cat for several reasons but I had been dreaming of having one for a long time. However, this one came with “baggage” and a few weeks later I had six cats instead of one! Our family witnessed the birth of five adorable kittens. I don’t need to tell you how beautiful this whole process was and what an incredible life experience it was for my three children.

I took every chance I had to snap some photos of the kitties but it was hard with a frustrated momma cat in the way and the kitties being too young to cooperate. As they grew older, though, I found it easy to use my iPhone to snap some quick shots of them without the initial trouble. Which leads me to my second favorite thing: iPhoneography. A hobby that I’ve been practicing ever since I got my first iPhone. In fact, a hobby that I many times enjoy more than regular photography.

And now you’re thinking, what’s your third favorite thing? Well, lately, it’s been editing all my phone photos with the Mastin Labs app Filmborn. We have talked about it here on the blog several times so I won’t go into detail about it. I will say, though, that I am in love with it. I also use Snapseed to complete my iPhone editing – a great tool too – but Filmborn has that film look that I am smitten with lately.

So here’s a collection of photos of my three favorite things combined in one. Hope you enjoy them!




  1. Aww I love these photos. They are so cute! And great composition by the way!

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