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Excuse me while I kiss the sky.  ~Jimi Hendrix

For the last three weeks we have been looking up and celebrating SKY.  The sky has many moods, and can quickly change in the space of an hour from light to dark, sunny to stormy, cloudy to clear.

The sky is where we look to dream, to get lost in thought, to imagine possibilities.  It is the backdrop to our daily lives, bringing sun, rain, snow, day, night.  The sky holds birds in flight, airplanes zooming towards their destination, kites aloft, the earth in its orbit.   It is blue and gray, orange and magenta, black and flashing green.  It is near and far all at the same time.

How did members of the ViewFinders community capture the sky?  Look:













Oh beautiful, for spacious skies…  Katherine Lee Bates

Starting in August, we will be switching to a monthly theme rather than every three weeks, giving you a bit more time to share your images with us.

Our next theme is WORDS.  Check out the last two ViewFinders posts by Meghan Davidson and Staci Kennelly  for some inspiration.  But also think of ways to incorporate words into your images that aren’t as literal.  We can’t wait to see your photographs!   Post your images featuring words by July 28th for an opportunity to be featured in our August 1st post.  And don’t forget to tag them #words and #viewfindersio.

We can’t wait to see your WORDS images.

See you soon.