For the Love of Romance

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Most of you know I’m a fan of love. In all its shapes and sizes, colors and forms. From friendship love, to family love, to puppy love. I love it all. And I really love romance. Wooing. Swooning. Ooing and ahhing. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

I had so much fun in Marfa a few months back because I got to shoot some couples who were definitely feeling the love.

And I felt swoon-y just capturing these lovebirds on film.

Seriously?! How could you not?

Ooooo. And Ahhhhh. For sure.

Love is always the answer,
Meghan of Life Refocused

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  1. These photographs are so great! LOVE the film treatment and you can practically feel the love jumping off the screen 🙂 I especially love the first one of the post – the colors are poppin’ and they look so comfortable and happy.

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