Among the Shadows

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I didn’t know how much I liked shadows until I started noticing them in my photography. There’s something about the interplay of light and shadow – the way the light creeps along, falling on any available surface and the space created by its absence.

There’s something about the way that light and shadow mingle, dancing together, creating something greater, something beautiful. There’s something about the interplay of light and shadow that endlessly fascinates me.

Although it seems to me that the shadows are not simply the absence of light but a presence in themselves. There’s a weight to shadow and the beauty found there is all the more beautiful – more moving – precisely because it exists in the midst of darkness.

This lesson has had repercussions in my personal life as well. Life is not always sunshine and roses. Sometimes, it is full of darkness and thorns. I have tried to be intentional in looking for beauty particularly during these times in my life.
I have tried to keep my eyes open during these times, to look for the beauty that sometimes lives among the shadows.
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  1. That first image is so gorgeous! What film was that for the second?
    I love these so much Chinwe!

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