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My family and I recently spent a week at Seneca Lake, in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  We filled the week with boating and swimming, a few attempts at fishing, a hike and some long walks, reading, good meals.  I came home and eagerly looked through the photos I’d taken while we were away.

Of course, I love the images of my husband and kids, smiling and relaxed in that beautiful setting.  But some of my favorite images are those that merely hint at the time we spent lakeside.

The flowers and willow leaves whisper to me of early morning walks.  The umbrella holds hours of reading on the deck.  Fingers and toes carry a tune of giggles and splashes.

These images reflect the quieter moments.  They are moments that came between the chatter and smiles and activity.  Moments that fell between one meal and another.  Moments that lay between opening our eyes each morning and closing our eyes each night.

I do so love what lies between.

For sure I’ll be printing vacation photographs of my loved ones’ smiling faces.  And the images here?  Well, I’ll be printing them too.  So that, when I see them, the quiet stories will come back to me.  And I’ll remember.  I’ll remember all that lay between.

Do you have favorite photos from a recent trip?  Or a recent weekend?  What kinds of stories do your photographs tell?  And which ones tug at your heart?  I’d love to hear…



  1. beautifully written and photographed. I really enjoyed this read!

  2. Loved peeking into your in between moments…therein lies the stories!

  3. dear michelle, such beautiful images, and in a style that is so you- minimal, quiet, capturing important moments seen through a different perspective. always love the way you see.

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