On Making Holiday Memories

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I was reading an article a few days ago about holiday spirit and I came across one that mentioned that our different holiday memories are something we can dip into when we feel life is uncertain. I really felt this was a negative side to making memories and keeping with the holiday spirit. The article used words like ‘stress’ and ‘coping’ where I wanted to read ‘well-being’ and ‘cherishing’. It’s true, you do want to dip into those memories in the future, but I wouldn’t want to go back to them because I need to deal with some issues; I’d like to go back to them because those memories are dear to me.

Sadly, not everyone treasures holiday memories in the same way. In thinking about myself and how I want to raise my children, I certainly would like to give my children a rich set of childhood recollections. I want to make those thoughts emotionally healthy for them too; something they can remember warmly, a positive experience that lasts in their brain.

Creating and keeping alive these family traditions is not easy, yet I try very hard. Some holidays are more exciting than other so some traditions are kept more alive than others. Sometimes not everyone is in the mood to celebrate or our children’s age is not the right one for the holiday. Despite all that, I reflect on my own childhood memories, and try to make it as special for them as it was for me. And, most of all, I don’t punish myself if all our holidays were not picture perfect. Believe me, as much as hard as you try, they never are… For that, you have your camera! – Maite


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  1. I get so caught up sometimes with trying to force the fun, force the happy and perfect pictures with holidays and vacations…this was a good reminder for me!

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