Stolen Moments: Guest Post from Jessica Lia

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My interest in photography started as a distraction, and then slowly, it took over my life. I am not always good at blending in with a camera on the street while capturing beautiful photos, but I have always attempted to grasp moments that feel wonderful to me. I selected some of my favorite moments for this post to share with you. When I view them, they transport me back to the spaces and places in the moment when I took them. I hope, that you can feel the wonder of these moments too.

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Jessica Lia is a Bangladeshi photographer, currently working throughout Asia. While completing her Masters Degree in English literature, she began exploring photography in between classes AND lots of reading! Photography was something that she’d always been curious about, so she joined Flickr, where she encountered many photographers and their amazing work. This inspired her to learn as much as possible and to continue shooting after finishing her degree in 2013. Today, she’s a passionate portrait photographer, and believes her role is similar to a translator’s. She translates moments and stories through her camera.


  1. LOVE the movement and emotion in your work! Beautiful set of photographs here. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Each one of these is a masterpiece! Thank you for sharing your work with us Jessica.
    xoxo – Deb

  3. Oh wow! Your images always inspire me, but these ones show a different side of Bangladesh to the ones we are traditionally shown. And I love it.

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