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Day 207

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I’m 267 days into my 2nd 365 days project. I did the first one back in 2009 and it was a turning point in my photography. I posted the photographs on flickr, got encouragement from the lovely community there and tried different things to push myself.  So what prompted this project again after 8 years? I was in a rut and I knew that I needed an intentional practice that would prompt me to open my eyes to the Life around me. I’m always so intrigued by what attracts my attention.

This project has been a welcome excuse to…

…explore my beautiful city…

Day 125
Day 207

…delight in light and spaces around the house…

Day 1
Day 118

..delight in bold colors and patterns…

Day 84
Day 161

…document dear ones…

Day 140

…find the light…

Day 266

…stumble on serendipitous moments…

Day 205

… and capture my travels…

Day 164


So far, so good! It has been lovely to wake up everyday knowing that I will see and capture something beautiful and interesting.

Keep looking,



  1. You had me at day 1! Like you, I’ve experienced the transforming power of a 365 Project, and there is no better medicine for getting out of rut or bringing awareness to every day. Projects like these are about so much more than photography. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Best wishes as head for the final stretch.

    • Thanks so much, Donna. I appreciate your kind words. I also love your website/blog! 🙂

  2. Your work is beautiful and thought provoking! Thank you.

    • Thanks, Michelle. Yeah, the seeing has been especially meaningful this year.

  3. Your photos of Baltimore always make me wish I could pack in my responsibilities for the day and make a road trip.

    • Oh, that’s lovely, Debbie. I’m glad. Please let me know if you ever stop by 🙂

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