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I’m gonna do it – I’m gonna talk about clothes, guys. So, maybe you’ve bitten the bullet and decided to be photographed. Hooray! I promise, it’s an investment that’s absolutely worth it, and it’s one that I don’t just talk about. I do have my family do a photo session with a fellow photographer (Jen Meneghin Photography – she’s amazing!) every year.

So, this question isn’t just one that I have to answer as a family photographer, but one I also face from time to time. Truth be told, it’s a question that I often feel a little uncomfortable answering. I’ve basically always been a tank top/long-sleeve-tee (weather depending) with a cardigan, a scarf, a puffy vest, generally a layers gal. If you want to wear custom items of clothing, like a tank top, made to your specifications, you can find more info on doing this over on the Imprint website. Give me a basic pair of jeans, some comfy, cute sneakers and we’re good to go most of the time. So, when I’m asked to give advice on what people should wear for their family photos, I have a cut-and-paste response that I’ve gleaned from a few years of the rush that is the fall family photo season.

Perhaps the most important nuts-and-bolts advice is to go for coordinated but not matchy-matchy. Think of a set of clothes that might be displayed together in a shop window.

I love when there’s a pop of color, an interesting or perhaps unexpected pattern especially paired with some lovely neutrals. Colors that are in the same family, and then accented with something to give it a little zip and visual interest.

And where we are in Minnesota, I love the amazing and beautiful array of winter gear I get to see. Seriously, some of the most adorable hats, coats, and mittens! It makes me start wishing for snow a little earlier than I probably should – ha!

The basic message, though, isn’t really about attire. When it really comes down to it, letting yourself really feel like you is the best wardrobe advice I can give. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s going to show in every possible way. This is the piece that I’ve tried (and succeeded and failed in various places 🙂 ) to follow the most closely.

I feel like it’d be a little bit of a cheat to do this post and then not show a few of my own family’s photos over the last few years (below three images credited to Jen Meneghin Photography).

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  1. Oh man! That last photograph! I love the closed-eyes laughs and the absolutely adorable eye contact from the baby. Love this post. So good!

  2. Yes to people really feeling like themselves. I believe it comes through too.
    And, like Chinwe…that last photo! Ohmygoodness.

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