Staying Grounded

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September through December are my busy months. Busy is good, yes. But busy is also …well, insane for soul. Weekends in the Autumn consist of: shooting multiple sessions or a wedding on Saturday,  coming in to my house after dark, uploading cards without culling, maybe some editing, pouring wine for sanity sake, and then falling in to bed….wake up and repeat on Sunday. Lightroom sees thousands upon thousands of images. Want to know who really knows me? Lightroom really knows me 😉 I know it’s not just me who sometimes loses sight of the shoreline during the busy season. I think I got at least two emails just today about reducing the crash and burn. For me it’s really important to take care of myself during the busyness. I take forced naps, go to bed early when I can, take time for my children.I make plans for personal projects and  adventures.  Life goes on when you’re busy. You cannot stop having one. I do all these things, but it’s still hard sometimes. I find when I’m busy I second guess my work and become my own worst critic. It’s important for me to make sure that after each day I spend shooting I go through my photos and find my grounders. My grounders are my images that make me remember why I choose to pick up my camera in the first place. My grounders are the connecting piece between my clients and me. Or between me and me. Sometimes we need to throw our own soul a life line.

My grounding images are usually embraces, cuddles,laughter, sweetness. Maybe there’s a little glitter and sparkle thrown in there too! I find it important to always look back at my day with gratefulness even when it seems like I  barely have time to do so. Life is constantly reminding me to stay grounded. Life reminds me amidst the busy to stop and reflect on all the beauty that I am gifted with on a daily basis. Do you have images that you make that help you stay grounded? I’d love to hear about them.


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  1. Oh, yes! These are so lovely, and I love the idea of grounders and see the wisdom in them, especially when I see a stream of yours!

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