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I decided to leave my big girl cameras home with me on a recent trip to visit Chicago. The older I become, I just don’t want to be bothered with decisions that aren’t entirely necessary for me to make. Like, if no one is going to be harmed in any or their life impacted at all if I don’t make a decision guess who’s not making one? This gal. Sometimes when I have my gear with me and I miss a shot I find myself mulling over that moment. I knew if I went in to my trip simply, I could leave the outcomes behind. My trip really wasn’t for me either, it was for me and my husband . My main concern was my hand in his, which would’t leave me much in the way of a shutter finger. I did bring an instax, but I found myself not pulling it out cause it was really freaking cold and that thing is a bit cumbersome, and wind and catching prints don’t really go together well. So I shot with my constant camera, my phone, and just shot and edited in Hipstamatic app.

Chicago is not unlike my homebase city of Philadelphia. It has diversity, culture, grit. I had a great time doing all the touristy things, and I had a great time just walking and walking. Below are some fave shots of our trip. I am happy to say that my hand remained in my husband’s, and that I am just fine with my decision to give the cameras a break. It was fun to make phone pictures, and leave all the decisions behind. Maybe next time I’m there I will bring my gear. However you choose to see Chicago, it’s a beautiful city, and I’m so happy that I was able to get there finally.

And the windows at Macy’s are all decorated, so you know what that means? The Holidays are unofficially officially here.

Here’s to the holiday moments ahead!




  1. i love these. it reminds me that the best camera you have is the one that’s on you.

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