Halfway Point

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We’re almost at the halfway point between autumn and winter, that in between time here in the Northeast when the leaves have mostly fallen and their brilliant warm colors begin to fade when frost coats the ground muting their previous jewel tones. Soon ivy, fir trees and holly will be nature’s superstars capturing our attention by changing the outside palette from sunset tones to a cooler one filled with all kinds of green, prickly and shiny wreathed in pinecones and berries reminding us that another kind of season surrounds us at this time too.

Truthfully, after a quiet weekend indulging in previously-watched movies sandwiched between entirely too many commercials, as of now I’m ready for the holidays to be over – or at least this part of it, the commercialization, the manipulation, the anxiety and stress. I worked in advertising for 12 years, and it always shocked me how easily we manipulated the appearance of things, how almost nothing was regulated; we could pretty much say anything we liked. It reminds me of a different type of manipulation I subject myself to every day, where “truths” are sold to me across an Instagram or Facebook feed instead of the television screen, where I watched “gratitude”this weekend be hijacked by scented candles and cinnamon buns.

I’m hoping to fall back on nature to redefine the world around me. I’m hoping for her to teach me to slow down and let go, like leaves lazily floating to the ground,  or to teach me the perseverance to seek out the truths that sustain me, like the squirrels endlessly digging for acorns and seeds and soft bedding to coat their nests. So for now, I plan to allow myself more weekends like this one, resting my body for as long as it needs, listening to the rain strum against our skylights, soaking in steamy hot baths salted for achy muscles, cuddling with my dog, while accepting messages sent to me of love and compassion whether they come through the breeze swaying our enormous Silver Maple trees, or through a device held in my hand. Because I know that if I am struggling to find images and words filled with sincerity and truth, you might be too. 

In six more weeks, the seasons will change, and there will be new lessons to learn, new messages to hear. The light will transfer from extra hours in darkness to prolonged hours in the light, and hopefully I’ll be ready to celebrate the holiday season of plenty. Hopefully, with the return of the light, I’ll have found more honesty and truth.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler



  1. Just 6 weeks for seasons to change. Put in that kind of perspective it seems as though it might fly by in a blink. xoxo

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