Love letter to autumn

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I love autumn.

I love her in spite of the rain.

I love her in spite of the fact that there is less and less sunlight, because what there is of it, is glorious.

But most of all, I love autumn for her colours.

Psychologists say that appreciating autumn is good for you. Autumn, according to this article – and as every photographer knows – is rich in visual contrast, saturated colours and brightness, and we are said to be wired to interpret the sudden change from summer green to autumn red and orange as meaningful. What is more, experiencing the awe-some, the breathtaking and the beautiful, is said to enrich our lives and reduce self-centered thoughts. It may sound trite, but if and when we are bogged down in wintry thoughts of whatever kind, it is so very important to remember the blaze of the autumn sun against the red leaves.

˜Jenny Graver.


  1. I love how you included even the rain. It is truly my favorite season.

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