Mindfulness before the holidays

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The holiday season is here and I have trouble staying calm and centered during these full-throttle weeks. The truth is I have no idea how to cope with my stress, or how to find a place in my head where I can feel well. However, I’ve been quite lucky to receive a lot of advice from the people around me. I’ve even had some recommendations to try out smoking marijuana through some mini bongs.

Consequently, I’ve been told that you can purchase mini bongs online, so it would probably be quite easy to get your hands on one. With marijuana, it’s supposed to help the body feel more relaxed and de-stressed. That would be perfect right now, I’m feeling extremely stressed and I don’t know how to cope with it.

There are no doubts about it, more people than ever before do seem to be using cannabis to help them to relax and unwind. That being said, if you are considering purchasing any herbal products it is important to make sure that you are getting your goods from a reputable source. A friend of mine who lives in Canada always gets his marijuana from a website called Buy My Weed Online.

He read a buy weed online review and decided that he could trust them to deliver his cannabis products in a timely manner. Apparently, they have been fantastic every step of the way and he would not consider buying marijuana from anywhere else. This just goes to show how crucial it is to always do your research before shopping online, especially for natural products.

Anyway, because I am trying very hard to learn how to find some restoration in my mind, I made a point of looking for a nice place to relax and recharge during the Thanksgiving break. Because I knew the weeks ahead are going to be fast and furious. Because my mind will be going a million miles a minute these days. Because I can’t afford to break down now, physically or emotionally.

So I chose the beach; I longed for sunshine and breathing in ocean air. I woke up to healing, warm light and walked on wet sand. Listening to the waves was key but the visual perspective of it all tuned me in to my surroundings even more. It was GLORIOUS! I only needed two days to disconnect and let go – the perfect antidote for the overwhelming days ahead of me. I may not be as serene as I’d like to be during the holidays but, at least with my memory of the beach, I’ll hopefully be able to navigate them free of any (or less, for sure) stress.

Mindfully wishing you very happy holidays,



  1. So smart of you to do this and what a view. I hope these photos sustain you through the busy days ahead. xo

  2. Beautiful photos, Maite. It’s wonderful how you’ve prepared yourself for these busy weeks.
    Maybe looking back at these photos from time to time will bring you back to the peace you felt on the beach. xo

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