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I know friends, you. are. so. busy. You are tired. Your to-do list is longer than your days, and you don’t feel like anything can get cut from that list, because doing so would mean letting go of a precious family tradition or letting down a loved one. Most of our readers, I’m betting, are the ones who MAKE the holidays – those decorations, thoughtful notes, favorite seasonal foods and gifts don’t, sadly and as perhaps we might have thought when we were younger, self-manifest. No, I’m not telling you anything you all don’t already know, but those same people who are holding down the fort every single regular day are charged with making the last few weeks of the year extra special in addition to everything else they have on their plates and we don’t get any extra hours in our day to pull it off.

I know who you are and I know how you operate. You probably wouldn’t do it for yourself, but maybe as a gift – a special request from a friend – please, please each and every one of you creators of merry and happy and all the rest – carve some time out of this season of gilt and glitter and good-tidings to PLAY! Don’t think about anyone else’s wishlist, or your various shopping lists, packing lists or cleaning lists.

Whatever delights your senses most about this time of year, and you might need to think back to whatever delighted you the most when elves or others made the magic for you and your biggest jobs were to be thankful and enjoy – just block in some time to revel in it for a while. Put time to play on your list, in pen on your calendar, if necessary. If your play has you reaching for a camera, all the better. Lose yourself completely in whatever makes the holidays special for you.

We magic makers should get to enjoy the fruits of our labors too, and not just the vicarious delight at seeing the delight we create reflected in the countenances of those we love. I’ll let you in on a secret (you probably already know deep down, but it’s easy to push this truth aside in the face of expediency) everyone you love wants you to have fun at the holidays too. They enjoy their time more when you are enjoying yours.

May your last few weeks of 2017 be full of love, light, good food and company and a healthy dose of playtime. I’ll promise to take mine if you take yours, ok?

Wishing you sparkle and shine in the New Year,


  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE these images! and you’re right…there’s precious little time left in the year, hopefully I can carve out some time just for me that feels fun. Thank you friend, xo

  2. Wonderful advice, I’ve been taking it!!

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