for the love of an overcast sky

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We’re right in the thick of summer, with days where the difference between the temps in the heat and in the shade are drastic. Summer’s great and all, but I am definitely more of a fall gal. I love the cooler temperatures, the crispness of the breeze, the crunch of the leaves on the ground, and, I’ll gladly admit it, the overcast and stormy skies.

It’s easy to love the golden glow of the sunset, the bright happiness of a summer sun, and the dynamics that can happen when the light dances in the trees, bounces off water, and plays along the edge of the horizon. But a plain old grey sky? Yes! Tones and light coverage is so even, colors pop all over the place, shadows can really gain an incredible depth, and contrasts can snap into play. I also think having that fairly standard canvas opens up some really interesting avenues in post processing. It’s those overcast days and images where I feel like I can really play and explore with post processing that’s maybe pushing boundaries a little more, that’s outside of what I’d normally do.

How about you? Aren’t we all in love with that golden light, really, but what other light really has your heart?

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  1. I try so hard to embrace our rainy, grey skies here in the PNW, I really do! Wonderful photos Alison.

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