Too Much of a Good Thing

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From March until the hard rain hits, mid-fall, I spend countless hours in my garden. I start out with some general clean up, weeding, and dividing perennials. I also get my vegetables seeds ordered.


Most mornings you can find me on my knees with an old pair of garden gloves on, deadheading or weeding a bit. My red weeding bucket is beside me, and my camera is often nearby. I have gardened my entire adult life and enjoy the peace and quiet of playing in the dirt.

After a couple of hours I head inside, upload my camera card and often wonder just how many photos do I think I need to take of the garden? Evidently a lot, according to my Lightroom catalogs. For what might look the same to the viewer, is different each year for me

I document our harvest, filling my garden basket full of that night’s dinner, along with flowers to fill the vases. I thin carrots, think about new ways to cook the  zucchini and pick berries. I switch lenses to get up close, or sit back and zoom in on the birds and butterflies.

I am not a fussy gardener but rather allow my flowers to overflow their boundaries and co-mingle. Come summer, when everything is growing and blooming I don’t have many weeds, because the beds are way too full. Some might call them discombobulated, but to me they are just perfect and bring me tons of joy. Joy worthy of capturing in all that summer light, over and over again.

Is there something you can’t get enough of? Something you shoot over and over again, even though it might look the same to the viewer.

I am honored and humbled, and to be honest, a bit giddy to be invited to this space as a regular contributor. To be part of the community of woman here on ViewFinders, woman who I have admired, learned from and connected with over the years, is truly exciting. To be able to connect with all of you on a regular basis is magical.

xo. Cathy

PS: I have a new muse, his name is Baker. He fills me with joy and loves being out in the garden.


  1. I am happy to find you here, my friend! Thank you for welcoming me into your garden, for inviting me to watch Baker grow, and for sharing photographs that make my life richer and fuller. And yes, there are things that I photograph over and over – mostly the routines of my days – so much the same and yet with subtle differences – and this is the wonder of photography – to recognize the glory of ordinary. Congratulations, Cathy. I’ll watch for every post!

  2. I can so relate to this Cathy, although it’s been years since I broke out my big camera to capture my garden. I aspire to be like you someday!!! Thank you so much for joining us. I’m so glad you’re here! xo

  3. Cathy, congratulations! I am so happy that you are going to be a regular contributor, I love how beautifully you mesh your thoughts and photography together. xx

  4. So very beautiful – the light, the colors, the mood. All very beautiful. And the sweet puppy! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Cathy.

    P.S: I’m jealous of your garden! 🙂

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