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I’ve recently started doing really simple natural light portraits to see if they (and school photography) might be something I’d like to start incorporating into my photography business. This past spring I asked a bunch of friends if I could do some test shoots with their little ones. I set up a simple black backdrop in the garage, and gave myself just a minute or two with each child.

The results make me so happy. Some kids opened up quickly, others kept their guard up a bit longer, but in each case, even if there wasn’t the classic, “tip your chin and cheese” kind of portrait, I came away from each child with at least one image that was so distinctly “them.”

I love how it didn’t take any dramatic or overly done props, outfits, or even a whole lot of time to create these timeless, lovely and joy-filled photos. I don’t have a studio, nor have I ever used one, but man does this experience make me want to play around with that possibility a bit!

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  1. You nailed it, Alison! Your friends must be thrilled to have these memories. I especially love the little girl with the stink eye. Priceless. xoxo Deb

  2. Oh Alison, these are SO JOYFUL! Children as they should be! I just love them x

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