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It is not easy to take photos with the camera in your phone, but it sure is fun and a great challenge to try to get some good images. Your phone takes fantastic photos in the daylight but, most probably, it is not that good with low or poor light. Although some later models do produce better quality images, my results certainly improve when I follow some simple tips.

First of all, I try to find some light in my night shots. A photo with no light is not a good photo anyway, so even night shots need to have at least a source of light that you can work with.

Next, I hold my phone with a steady hand. Sometimes if I feel I might be shaking (ie. when it’s too cold outside to hold the phone without mittens or maybe too windy) I try to set it somewhere steady like a wall or my wallet. I don’t always carry my mini tripod with me but that’s also a good alternative too. And lastly, I may use my remote to keep the shot as steady as I can.

With the newer models of the iphone you have the option to shoot a long exposure by turning the live photo on and then choosing from the four choices the live option gives you (live video snippet, Bounce, Loop, and Long Exposure). There are also a few low light/night photography and slow shutter apps in the App Store, such as CortexCam, Night Cap, or Slow Shutter Fast Cam. I haven’t tried any of those yet (so I can’t really recommend any) but I’m excited to do so in the near future  – maybe in another post?

Last but not least, take advantage of your low light situations! Rain and neon lights make amazing night shots as well as lit signs and billboards. Skylines, street lights, shop windows… The list could go on – get creative!

I can’t wait to see all your night phone images and for you to tell me how much fun you had shooting them. If you’d like to share, tag them with #viewfinders_io_nightphone and I’d love to chat with you about them!

Happy (night) shooting! Maite


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  1. SO GOOD! Really love this set. I just some film back and was bummed out by some of the low-light photos. I forgot the film stock I had in there! Needless to say, when it works, it’s magical. Might have to check out this “phone” thing of which you speak 😉

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