Midwinter Joy

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Last weekend we received our first real snow here in the Midwest! My family and I were excited to go sledding, throw snowballs, and build a snowman. I never used to be a fan of winter until I read the following quote:

“The winters will drive you crazy until you learn to get out into them.” Parker Palmer

I think of this quote each winter as the days grow shorter and darker. I make it a priority to get out into the cold and find a little joy in an otherwise bleak season. With my colorful wool hat and waterproof hiking boots, I go searching.

Is there anything cuter than a snowman in winter?! They are so delightful and this past week I’ve found some real gems.

There are so many creative variations! I love the bright, bold scarves and hats. Unconventional mixed with the classic. Each one makes me smile.

Giant snowmen on one corner and teeny tiny snowmen the next block over. I always wonder who built them.

Some sport the styles of their creators and others resemble beloved fictional characters.

I’ve been finding them everywhere across our city. Sometimes standing alone and sometimes in groups.

And as the sun begins to set, I’m grateful to have found such joy and happiness in this winter season!

Tell me what brings you joy during the winter season…

~ Laura


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