Toward Abundance

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A photo friend recently posted a note on facebook that made me stop and immediately pound out “YES!” in reply. She was editing away at a client’s gallery, and found herself grinning, just happy with her art, the relationships she’d captured, simply pleased with it all. “YES!” I said. I find myself doing that with almost every gallery I deliver to clients. I find myself doing that as I sit to edit my own family’s photos. It’s rare that when I talk about what I get to do for my job that there’s not a smile on my face.

I know loads of folks who choose a word for their year. For many many years, I’ve kind of let “dare” drive me. It started when I was staring into my photography business, continued on through the addition of our two children, adjusting to life in a new(ish) place, and generally pushing myself out side of my comfort zones when the possibility for growth presents itself. But I think I’m done with “dare.” Something new has been speaking to me lately and I think I need to pay attention.

This year I’m going to turn more toward abundance, and I think that moment of joyful recognition is a perfect place to start.

I’m a chronic overshooter, nervous that I won’t get the right shot for myself or for my clients. But I do. I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m looking for, and I know how to pay attention. There is abundance in my work. There is abundance in how I approach my work, and there is abundance in my final photos. I think there’s a good bit of mindset-shift that I’ll need to do, but turning my personal, both personal and for clients, toward abundance feels so right.

An abundance of smiles, an abundance of joy, an abundance of light, of love, of laughter and connection. An abundance of people seeing them in their photos. An abundance of authenticity. Turning all things toward abundance.

I’m smiling as I sit to write these words. I’m smiling as I gather photos for this post.

Do you choose a word for your year? Maybe even for this new decade? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. The way you capture the joy here is wonderful. I have not chosen a word in a few years now. Maybe it is time to consider something.

    • <3 I was never good at choosing something and directing toward it, but things seem to show up and I try to pay attention (harder some times than others!)

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