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I take the bus into Seattle for an exciting lunch date. I arrive a bit early and wander the streets around Pioneer Square. The rain has lessened to a drizzle and I wish now I had slipped my Nikon in my bag. But I have fun with my phone.

It is exciting to think about where this obsession of mine over photography has lead me. Sharing what I see in my viewfinder with other like-minded souls on social media and on my blog has widened my world for sure. I find myself over and over again, exposed to so many amazing and talented people. So, when I get the chance to meet one of them face to face, I jump!

Deb arranges for the three of us to meet for lunch; Chinwe is in town for work. After hugs and hellos, we all talk at once. Soon we are laughing and sharing bits and pieces of our lives and what makes our photo practices ours. We come at it from three different perspectives and yet. we are in so many ways, seeking the same things. I am fascinated to hear their stories of growth and creativity and learn about their gear!

To be able to get beyond their photos which flow through my feed on the web is glorious. To hear their voices and see their smiles is such a gift. I encourage you to reach out when traveling to the people you follow. Don’t be shy. You will be amazed at how willing most of us are to make it work.

Thank you ladies for a beautiful few hours. It was so much fun!

Cathy, Deb and Chinwe
fellow ViewFinders and friends

Xo. Cathy

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too?

~ C.S Lewis


  1. What a smile of a post and as well as much needed kick in the pants for us to finally arrange a DC metro – Baltimore corridor meetup. We really don’t have any good excuse Michelle.

  2. I thought of that Lewis quote when I saw the title of the post! So good. Hooray for in-person meet ups! Love this, Cathy.

    • It was so lovely Chinwe, thank you for coming to our beautiful city and reaching out.

  3. This story reveals one of the best things about photography – the friendships we form based on our shared passions and pursuits. I love putting the faces with the names of this trio, friends who make pictures that matter. So happy you made this happen!

  4. I loved that the three of you got to meet! Such a happy post. Such good advice, to not be afraid to reach out to those you follow when you know you will be in their area. There are so many people that I feel I could spend many an afternoon chatting with over a cup of tea!

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