The Light After the Rain

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Rain in California is like Christmas morning. We wait for it for so long, when it finally comes, we squeal with delight and talk about it for days. Until, like the toys and gifts we get for Christmas, the excitement wears off and we long for sunshine again, because that is our daily routine, our normal.

For me, there is always a moment of magic after the rain is over, the clouds are gone, and the first rays of sunshine begin to appear. We see a light that happens only for a short span of time, as the change is so sudden and the heat dries the rain up so very quickly. I see this light best reflected on the tiny raindrops in the trees in my front yard.

It normally happens early in the morning, when the sun comes out and everything is still wet. Sometimes, if it is very early, the sun is bright yellow and the colors I get are golden and orange. If it is later in the morning and the sun is finally all out, the colors are purple or blue. And those amazing balls of bokeh! Differing in size, shape, texture, color… Glorious!

When I look out the window and I can see the droplets of water starting to shine like diamonds, I always grab my camera, rush out barefoot, and start clicking away like crazy. This light, the raindrops left on the winter branches, and the bright sparkle of sunshine doing its drying work, fills me with joy. However, what I see in my camera makes me even happier.

Here are some images of the last few times the light after the rain has appeared and made magic. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and always do.



  1. Here in the rainy PNW we often need to reminded just how beautiful the rain can be. This are beautiful reminders, Maite.

  2. Here in the rainy PNW we often need to reminded just how beautiful the rain can be. These are beautiful reminders, Maite.

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