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I am completely empty of photographic inspiration at the moment. I have been down for almost two weeks with the flu, work is killing me and it is still dark – though a very dark shade of blue rather than black – when I go to and from work. Even though January is past, spring feels a long way away still.

The few photos in this post I found on my phone, and they felt like a surprise. Did I really take these? It seems like a long time ago that I got any kind of joy from pointing my lens towards anything. The contrast to the photographic optimism I felt in December is almost painful.

I know I will feel differently once the seasons change. In the meantime, any kind of inspiration to tide me over, would be most welcome.



  1. So sorry that you’ve been sick. The flu sucks! Inspiration will surely come again, Jenny. In the meantime, I think past-Jenny would say, “The challenge will be to continue this practice in January when the Christmas lights are taken down while the darkness remains. Right now I have faith that I will manage, but if I don’t, that’s okay too, because then we will be past the winter solstice and spring will be on its way.”


    • I’ve been meaning to say thank you so much for this lovely comment xx

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