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Have you ever tried to make a picture that’s engaging, but has no defined subject? Abstract photography has been my latest curiosity and I’ve been playing around with different methods and techniques to create images that might fall into the category. My first attempt involved using a wide open aperture and purposely blurring what was in my frame.

Then I played around with slowing my shutter speed and moving the camera as I took the picture.

My favorite results, though, came from allowing just a sliver of light to come into the lens while holding my lens cap over most of the opening.

What have you been playing around with recently? Share your images with us using #viewfindersio on Instagram!

Always curious – Angie


  1. Wow – I love this, Angie. I especially love that long, purple one in the middle. I can see it framed on my wall! Gorgeous! I don’t do much of any experimentation like this, but you’ve definitely inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these!
    I’ve been thinking more and more of how to capture a mood in an image and this completely does that.

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