Ingredients for Healing

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Back in November 2018 I wrote about the gift of healing after undergoing back surgery. Little did I know then that that surgery wouldn’t work, and that I would have to go in for a second, more extensive surgery this month.

When healing from that first surgery, I found that I didn’t need much help except for lifting things. But this time around was different. I was going to need lots of help and support to get through 4-6 weeks of recovery with no bending, twisting, lifting, or driving. After having two discs removed, my body would need a lot of downtime in order to get well.

What I’ve learned is that when there’s a need, everyone pitches in. Like making stone soup, everyone has contributed an ingredient to my healing process so that I can direct my energy to mending my body.

What are the ingredients for helping someone heal? Here’s what family and friends have contributed to my healing over the past 3 weeks:

  • Food delivery — soup, bread, casseroles, salads, desserts, and more, all made with love and hand delivered.
  • A breath of fresh air — flowers, plants, and bulbs to brighten the house
  • Driving time — to doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, the grocery store
  • Listening time — to hear how I’m doing with open ears and an open heart
  • Books, magazines, crossword and jigsaw puzzles — things to keep the mind occupied
  • Housework — my husband has taken over all the laundry, lifting, dishes, and chores that need doing every day
  • Words of love — cards, notes, texts, emails, facebook posts, all meant to shore me up when my spirits are low
  • Prescribed walks — as was the case after the last surgery, I have prescribed daily walks, which are the best part of my day — time for reflection, quiet, and soaking up the sunshine
  • Springtime — someone scheduled springtime to coincidence with my recovery, and nothing could be more energizing and heart-lifting than watching the world turn green, and watching the flowers and blooms POP in a confusion of color and light. How could I not get well while spring is cheering me on?
  • Rainy days — though it sounds counterintuitive, rainy days make for great naps. And naps are good medicine.

All my love and thanks to everyone who contributed ingredients to my healing. I am so grateful.

xoxox lucy


  1. Lucy, As a person who lives with chronic back pain (spinal stenosis), I understand a bit of your suffering. I’m happy to read that your surgery was successful and that you are on the mend. Your words here are beautiful in two ways – first as a thank you to the kind friends who have supported and cared for you as you heal, and second, as a prescription for meaningful ways we can serve and help those in our own circle of friends and family and community. Your photographs tell the story of the many ways that we can heal that have nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with heart. Wishing you all the best in your recovery.

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