Unruly Summer

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I know you have a favorite thing about summer. Maybe you have many in fact. The last few days in Philadelphia have been pretty glorious. Bright sunshine and blue skies, warm air, the sound of lots of singing birds. We had a lot of rain in Early May, up until just the last weekend. I wore my winter coat on Mother’s Day. I really hadn’t even allowed myself to think about summer whatsoever because I’ve still been wearing my sweaters and boots this whole month. But the last few days I’ve felt the shift. I always notice that with summer comes a relaxation of everything. My wardrobe eases, the layers come off. My mood shifts, and I find myself on my porch for just one more page, and then more of a novel I’m reading. With longer days, and sun drenched moments, I find myself easing up with the way I document my days. I find I trade my big girl cameras in for my iPhone, and my fujifilm instax. Candy colored film and summer just go together am I right? It feels fun to be less calculative and just have fun shooting. Capturing the moments and however they come out, well that’s it.

One of my favorite apps that I find myself always falling in love with over again in the summer months is Hipstamatic. Over the past 8 years using this app I’ve purchased over 30 paks- flashes, films and lenses and cases. It allows for so many fun and unique possibilities. I find so many work well in in the summer months when there is endlessly long days, bright colors and fun things happening.

Here are a few moments I’ve captured the last few days that feel like summer to me.

Jane Lens and Liberty Film
Salvador 84 Lens and Pistil film
Foxy Lens and Dixie Film
Doris Lens and Kodot XGrizzled film

Murray Lens Irom 2000 film
Kaimal Mark 2 and Alfred Infrared
Penny Lens and Indio film
Bettie XL lens and Blanko Noir film AND my beautiful little neighbors 🙂

It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s ridiculously easy. And that’s what summer is all about. Taking the ease, tossing the rule book. What are some ways that you document your summer? Do you find yourself choosing one way over the other? Tell me in the comments below!

Here’s to wild and unruly adventures.

xo Audrey


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