Spring in My Step

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I love the light this time of year, soft but gaining strength on it’s way toward mid-summer. Once evening hits, the sweetest light pours into my bedroom and across the room, perfectly casting shadows where it falls. Of course I can’t resist playing in it’s glow.

I’m not an early riser, but over the past two weeks, I’ve been up at the crack of dawn enjoying time in my garden before starting the day. I’ve been planting seeds, repotting volunteers and and enjoying listening to the choir of birds singing in the trees beyond my fence.

Last summer, we trimmed our huge trees, and two doors down, my neighbor cut down a tree that had been growing too close to his house. Since we’re city dwellers, my full-shade garden is experiencing sunshine for the first time in ages; I haven’t had blooms this bountiful in years! Now I’ll need to divide my perennials and have plenty of pots lined up for them.

I’ve also been trying to get out and about for long walks with Major around my neighborhood. Not only does the light bring beautiful shadows and flowers and Pokewalks, it has also brought the beginning of my CSA and our first “share” pickup was this week.

All these moments – and many others – were all captured with my iphone. I’ve also been snapping off a few frames of film as well. And although I have been taking photos with my big camera too, since it’s the tool of my trade, it often feels like work for gathering moments of light like these, so for now, I’ll continue to snap off quick snippets of light in the way that feels best.

Mornings with Maj. Shadow selfies after work. Martinis in the garden at the end of the week. How has the light been working for you?

Until Next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. These late spring/early summer days are so beautiful, aren’t they? And I don’t think you need to apologize for using your phone to capture images…they’re gorgeous! And really, making and enjoying the images is what it’s about.

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