Sunrise, Sunset

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After many years renting the same vacation house with phenomenal sunset views, we chose this year, a home with a sunrise view.

I had always thought I was more of a sunset person. However, I think I only held that belief because I’m generally always awake at sunset. In my life, I’ve seem lots of gorgeous sunsets. Rising with the sun however, still feels new.

Sunset sky in Chincoteague Virgina

In a way it’s the same. The sun is either kissing the horizon goodnight, or kissing the horizon good morning. The same brilliant pinks and oranges and bright blues are the players.

Sunset in Chincoteague

Despite it being a twice daily occurrence however, so many of us have a favorite. Being there for the start. Staying till the end. Which to choose?

Goodbye Sun

While I will inevitably continually choose to be a willing participant of watching many more sunsets, I am truly happy I was gifted the opportunity of a daily sunrise this vacation. Something about starting your day with the sun ( even if you have to take a nap at noon) is a wonderful feeling.

15 minutes before Sunrise over Little Oyster Bay Chincoteague VA
2 minutes. before sunrise
Here comes the Sun

I’m glad I sacrificed some early morning sleep to rise and photograph the sunrise. Do you have a favorite? How do you choose? What is your fave to photograph?

Here’s to more sun shiny summery moments!



  1. I clicked over the minute I saw the post on IG and wondered if these were from Chincoteague! What a magical place. I think having so much open sky is hard to pass up whether for sunrise or sunset. I never regret waking to see a sunrise, but with busy schedules and lives the sunrise is something I rarely see. These are just breathtaking images.

    • Thanks so much Beth! What I love so much about Chincoteague is how it’s for the most part still untouched by tons of development of hi rises and condos- I feel like I get there and it’s just this long exhalation that lasts for a week.

  2. This is ringing all my bells! I LOVE sunsets/sunrises. I have experienced so many magical sunsets over the years. It’s definitely my favorite. That said, there’s something special about waking up early, and enjoying those minutes of quiet as you watch the sun come up. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photographs, Audrey!

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