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I love to travel and when school is done for the year, we often hit the road. Whether it’s a roadtrip in our van, or further afield to visit our families in Canada or Europe, summertime means travel. This year? Not so much.

For various reasons, we are sticking close to home this summer. And while I hate missing the opportunity to see our families, being stuck in Northern California is not punishment by any means. We live close enough to the coast that we can visit the beach to feel the sand between our toes and the sea breeze on our faces and pretend we are somewhere exotic. There are hiking trails on our beautiful mountain, and a world class city close by with some of my favourite art galleries in the world.

And? There are the farmer’s markets. During the winter, when life is busy and I tend to pick up takeout for dinner or cook super simple meals from the supermarket, I don’t get to the farmer’s market as often as I’d like. But with a teenager who is a vegetarian, summer feels like the best time to explore new recipes and introduce her to new flavors and more vegetable options than carrots and celery.

Amazing produce from local farmers? Got it. But there are also vendors selling clothes and hats and crafts, and when I compare it to the village markets in Italy I’ve enjoyed perusing in previous summers, I don’t feel like I’m missing out even a little bit. Plus, there are food trucks. And who doesn’t love food trucks? A cappuccino to sip as I walk around, and perhaps… just this once… a freshly made Belgian waffle? Yes, please.

Fresh bread to toast for breakfast or add to a summer stew…

Tomatoes for days, and fragrant vegetables to try inventing a new vegan paella recipe. I came home with a bagful of goodness and created memories just as evocative as any other summer vacation.

Staycation? No complaints here. What are your favourite summer pursuits when you’re home bound?

Happy summer!

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  1. SUCH gorgeous colors! I love this set, Kim. It’s funny how familiarity can blind you to delights. I experience this often when friends come to visit me from out of town. I always think, “huh – yeah, this city is pretty cool” 🙂

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