This is the right time

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I take a ton of photos of my family. I’d guess, if you printed everything out, nearly a literal ton. I think I even do a pretty decent job of hopping into the frame at least every now and then. My family is very documented and that is something I really want to be able to have done well for them when all is said and done.

But there’s something else that I really think is important. Every year I try to make sure that we have another professional photographer do some kind of a family photo shoot for us. It’s not because we don’t have enough photos of us. It’s not even that I, as the primary photo-taker, am not in a whole lot of the photos.

(photo from the amazing Jen Meneghin Photography)

There’s something amazing and beautiful about having you, your family, your love, your connection captured and really seen by someone else.

(photo from the amazing Jen Meneghin Photography)

This is the right time. You helping your little one get their coat zipped up is perfect because it won’t last. The way your oldest can still hoist around her little sister. Those fingers that reach up to you. The death grip on your skin. How, in that tiny moment, the whole of your world fit under one umbrella.

Your here, your now, your love and who you are is worth everything. This moment, exactly as it is, matters beyond measure. Being able to have that be seen – really and truly seen – has been something that has been a priority for our family and for so many that I get to work with.

Do you get your family photographed regularly? If so, what makes it something that you feel you need to do? If not, what are you waiting for?

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