Weekend on Film

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This weekend we traveled home to visit my parents and to celebrate my daughter’s 12th birthday. It’s been a little while since I’ve taken the Fuji Instax for a spin and I decided to bring her along. Blue sky day as we drove home.

We stopped by an old favorite for hot dogs and root beer before making our way to my childhood home.

Hummingbirds, butterflies, and late summer phlox were heavy in the garden. Hanging baskets were overflowing with geraniums and petunias. We celebrated with cupcakes and the best dog ever.

Lazy Sunday morning complete with coffee, muffins, and art.

Followed by a late day stroll through our garden beds at home. I can feel a shift in the light, can you? We’re holding onto the last bit of summer with autumn just around the corner.

I love the feel of instant film. Sometimes I use them as bookmarks! I love the conversation it starts and the sound it makes. It felt wonderful to reconnect. Do you have a camera you’ve been missing?



  1. I love these! You’ve inspired me to get my Polaroid out!

  2. I love these Polaroid captures. I too do a drive by of my childhood home whenever I am in town.

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