An Afternoon Stroll

In Mobile, Nature
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Just as we were walking out the door to take a quick walk, the sky clouded up and raindrops began to decorate our driveway. We were taking my daughters new hiking backpack for a spin so she could get used to the feeling of carrying more weight than just a few notebooks. I stalled for a few minutes as the sprinkles continued, but we decided to head out anyway and take our chances. We were headed to a new part of the trail that connects to a familiar one near our house and I was excited to get the kids out of the house and off their screens. By the time we got out of the car, it had stopped raining but the sky was still dark and moody.

It seemed to enhance all the colors in the native plants and weeds along the path. I was glad I had brought along my phone and I decided it would be a fun game to find as many flowering plants as we could as we hiked along.

About halfway into the stroll my daughter noticed a side-path that sounded like it lead down to the creek side, so we followed her instinct and came across a spot that will certainly be the place for our next picnic.

The light kept changing and by the end of our walk, we had blue skies again. I’m always amazed at quickly the weather changes here. With the sun out again, it started to get hot. Our outing had served it purpose and it was time to head home.

My daughter now knows how to use her pack, we got out of the house and I got to practice using my phone’s camera in portrait mode. I call it a successful stroll.

Strolling Along – Angie


  1. I love this! The idea that there’s so much life and beauty right outside your door is such a great lesson. What a blessing to be able to share that with your kids <3

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